Migration and Human Rights

  Migration and Human Rights
2014 - 2015

Project aim:

The Project aims to strengthen the protection of the rights of the migrants and to change the societal attitudes towards them, by integrating the human rights and dignity dimension into the public debate on migration.

Project objectives:

·      To change the public discourse on migration by mainstreaming the questions of human rights, dignity and protection;
·      To develop and implement advocacy aiming to ensure the implementation of the migrants’ rights and their dignity.

Project activities:
·      Documentary about asylum and migration policies in Lithuania;
·      Social advertising campaign challenging negative public attitudes towards migrants;
·      International summer camp for students “Migration and Human Rights”;
·      Celebration of World Refugee Day with the running of the Marathon;
·      Advocacy training on the topic assurance of the rights of migrants;
·      Preparation and publication of advocacy papers;
·      Strategic litigation cases regarding the rights of migrants;
·      Round-table discussions.

Target group:

The Project will target both the very specific groups (migration authorities, civil society organisations, academia, schools, mass media, international organisations present in Lithuania), as well as the wider Lithuanian society.

Project funding:

The European Economic Area Grants and Norway Grants is the contribution of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, dedicated to reducing economic and social disparities and strengthening bilateral relations with 15 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe (12 newer EU member states and Greece, Portugal, Spain).

Support to civil society is one of the key priorities of the
EEA and Norway Grants
, with NGO Programmes established in all 15 beneficiary countries. The programmes aim to strengthen the development of civil society and enhance its contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development.

For the period of 2009-14, the EEA Grants and Norway Grants amount to €1.79 billion (support to Lithuania amounts to €84 million). Norway contributes around 97% of the total funding. Grants are available for NGOs, research and academic institutions, and the public and private sectors.

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